Screw Jacks

Product Description
  • Designed to suit US market and other countries using inch units.
  • CLASSIC Model IMA Imperial.
  • 12 Different Sizes.
  • Lifting Capacities 0.25 to 50 Tonnes (560 to 112000 lbs).
  • Drive Motor Speed up to 1750 rpm.
  • Self Locking Acme Screw.
  • Worm Gear in three ratios, Nominal, Slow1 & Slow2.
  • Lifting Screw in two different pitches.
  • Top and Bottom Guide bushes for Lifting Screw.
  • Inverted base configuration for 2,3 and 50 T models.
  • Worm Wheel hobbed for optimum blue contact.
  • Filled with NLGI EP 1 or 2 grade grease
Product Description
  • Cubical model.
  • Three different frames in centre distances of 59.88 and 117mm.
  • Lifting capacity from 7.5kN to 300kN.
  • Input motor speed upto 3000rpm.
  • Lifting speed upto 7.5m/min.
  • Worm seat  ration 5:1 standard.
  • Ball Screw sizes from 20 upto 80mm from travelling screw and upto 125mm for travelling nut version.
  • Top and bottom guide bushed for ball screw.
  • Tapered roller bearings for worm shaft and worm wheel support.
  • Case hardened and ground worm with Aluminium bronze worm wheel.
  • Can be used upright or inverted.
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